Your voice matters

democratic representative government

For too long, many people associate corruption with politics. We have become used to the idea of our government failing to not meet our needs. I always thought that to best help people I needed to stay far way from government and politics. I became an educator hoping that I could make a difference by preparing children to see the future differently and giving them the tools to change it. Ultimately, I was frustrated by how regulations imposed on teachers did more to frustrate the education process than to improve it. After some encouragement, I attended law school and gained a greater understanding of how the law is supposed to work, the role of political figures as representatives of the people and the balancing act that should happen in a Democrat Republic to form a functional civil society.  I quickly realized that the reason our government, whether local, state or federal, is failing us is due to the fact that we are missing the most important part of democracy…. the voice of the people.  

I do not blame the people for this, as there are institutional and systemic obstacles at the root. However, it has been a long time coming and the time for CHANGE is now.

It is time for real democracy in this country and just as the Constitution started here; we must start right here in Philadelphia.  Democracy requires the voice of the people.  Decisions made by leaders should be guided by the people that they represent.  Democracy is requires that the people be the decision-makers in fact not simply in form.  Our leaders asks us to vote but do not reveal the truth of what we are really voting for.  If we, the people, were apart of the process from beginning to end, accountability would be less of an issue. For too long, we have called ourselves a democracy without truly functioning as one.

Your Voice. Your Participation. Your Presence. It is the only way… to turn this city around. I am seeking to represent you. I am not just asking for your vote, I am asking you to take a journey with me to become a city which models democracy for the rest of this country.  Journey with me. Together let’s form a more perfect union, establish justice for all, insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare. Let’s put the power where it belongs… in your hands.