When Karla was growing up in West Philly, her family didn’t need to drive outside the district to go shopping because local neighborhood stores provided everything they needed. Today, that’s not the case as anyone can see driving down Landsdowne Ave or West Girard. The answer to shuttered storefronts, low-paying jobs, and a deteriorating tax base is to invest in the people of our  community so that we can innovate and  grow economically. Karla believes we can grab hold of a better, greener future with policies that will:

  • Raise wages for all for bottom-up economic growth
  • Revitalize commercial corridors by investing in community-centered, socially responsible businesses
  • Ensure that new and local vendors have a fair chance at City contracts
  • Support a Green New Deal that includes a jobs guarantee
  • Support a Universal Basic Income

Karla believes that all of us deserve real opportunities to live comfortably and experience a prosperous future.