crime & public safety

It’s time for sensible criminal justice reform and a city council that supports it. Karla believes we need to invest in people’s lives. Incarceration is a form of family separation and destroys communities by  removing individuals from their support systems.  The system also fails to reintegrate those who have a criminal record making life after incarceration nearly impossible. If crime is a societal harm, so are our current solutions. 

It’s time to move to a restorative rather than punitive model of criminal justice. Creating reconciliation courts, taking a harm reduction approach to substance use, and providing increased resources to support community-based preventative programs  can save millions in taxpayer dollars and treat all individuals who have encountered our flawed criminal justice system with dignity. Karla will support efforts to:

  • End mass incarceration
  • Legalize recreational marijuana and clean the slate for those convicted of non-violent offenses and/or  have gone more than 10 years without arrest
  • Eliminate laws and policies that criminalize and discriminate based on race, mental illness, substance use disorder, or childhood trauma. 
  • Encourage and train communities to develop “neighborhood watch” programs that use arrests as a last resort, not a first step
  • Revamp police practices so that police officers become peace officers with real accountability to civilians 

Ending mass incarceration means finally closing the book on modern-day Jim Crow policies that target people of color and in particular demonize Black men. As a council member, Karla will work hard for criminal justice reform so Philadelphia can truly become a city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. 



Karla knows a quality education is the central pillar of success. A high-quality education means our kids will have the tools necessary to navigate, compete, and succeed out in the world. As a former teacher, Karla has experienced how Philadelphia’s lack of support for our schools is failing our youth. Unsafe schools, outdated curricula, and a lack of technology are not preparing our students for the modern economy. That is why Karla’s placing a high priority on fundamentally improving Philadelphia’s schools, and will support plans to:

  • End the 10-year tax abatement
  • Grow new industries like legal marijuana, tech, and green jobs and invest  new tax revenue  towards education
  • Increase accountability via an elected school board
  • Support limits to new charters which serve a specialized educational purpose
  • Reform school disciplinary policies and end the school-to-prison pipeline

As a former teacher and mentor, Karla wants every child to succeed, regardless of their zip code. Investing in schools now means a better Philadelphia tomorrow.



For the sake of current and future generations, Karla is fighting to protect the environment we all share and transition our economy to a sustainable, equitable system. She feels strongly that city government and our neighborhoods need to rethink how we do business and invest in the green jobs of tomorrow, today.  The impacts of environmental degradation and mismanagement hit our most vulnerable the hardest, that is why as your council member, Karla will fight to:

  • Address mold, lead, and other health-harming environmental issues in our homes, schools, and other buildings
  • Implement an economically vibrant, sustainable and comprehensive Green New Deal policy for Philly and pressure state and federal officials to pass their versions
  • Repair and upgrade public transportation and other infrastructure 
  • Stop pollutant-heavy industries from moving into our communities
  • Build businesses that put people and planet before profit and destruction

It’s not enough to conduct business as usual, which is why Karla is rolling up her sleeves to champion a new way forward towards a more prosperous, greener future. 



Karla believes housing is a human right, and that  nothing is more important to the integrity of our neighborhoods and families than keeping Philadelphians in their homes. Quality housing is one of the fundamental building blocks to a healthy mind, life, and relationships. It can be lifesaving for those living with disabilities and is essential to healthy child development. Although it’s an integral part of economic and racial justice, we currently treat housing as an investment opportunity for the rich. As a lawyer, Karla represented clients in various housing matters and has seen the effects of unfair housing laws and policies. That’s why, as your city council member, Karla wants to:

  • Create a comprehensive healthy development plan for the city that prioritizes keeping Philadelphians in their homes
  • Increase access to information and resources for people experiencing homelessness, those facing the loss of their homes (homeowners or tenants), and poor housing conditions
  • Control the costs of rental housing and support all forms of affordable housing
  • Reform our property tax code and end the sale of tax-delinquent properties for corporate profiteering

By refusing to be a part of the machine, Karla can be trusted to fight for fair, inclusive housing policies that keep families in their homes and makes housing a human right for all Philadelphians.



When Karla was growing up in West Philly, her family didn’t need to drive outside the district to go shopping because local neighborhood stores provided everything they needed. Today, that’s not the case as anyone can see driving down Landsdowne Ave or West Girard. The answer to shuttered storefronts, low-paying jobs, and a deteriorating tax base is to invest in the people of our  community so that we can innovate and  grow economically. Karla believes we can grab hold of a better, greener future with policies that will:

  • Raise the minimum wage for all for bottom-up economic growth
  • Revitalize commercial corridors by investing in community-centered, socially responsible businesses
  • Ensure that new and local vendors have a fair chance at City contracts
  • Support a Green New Deal that includes a jobs guarantee
  • Support a Universal Basic Income

Karla believes that all of us deserve real opportunities to live comfortably and experience a prosperous future.