Karla believes housing is a human right, and that  nothing is more important to the integrity of our neighborhoods and families than keeping Philadelphians in their homes. Quality housing is one of the fundamental building blocks to a healthy mind, life, and relationships. It can be lifesaving for those living with disabilities and is essential to healthy child development. Although it’s an integral part of economic and racial justice, we currently treat housing as an investment opportunity for the rich. As a lawyer, Karla represented clients in various housing matters and has seen the effects of unfair housing laws and policies. That’s why, as your city council member, Karla wants to:

  • Create a comprehensive healthy development plan for the city that prioritizes keeping Philadelphians in their homes
  • Increase access to information and resources for people experiencing homelessness, those facing the loss of their homes (homeowners or tenants), and poor housing conditions
  • Control the costs of rental housing and support all forms of affordable housing
  • Reform our property tax code and end the sale of tax-delinquent properties for corporate profiteering

By refusing to be a part of the machine, Karla can be trusted to fight for fair, inclusive housing policies that keep families in their homes and makes housing a human right for all Philadelphians.