For the sake of current and future generations, Karla is fighting to protect the environment we all share and transition our economy to a sustainable, equitable system. She feels strongly that city government and our neighborhoods need to rethink how we do business and invest in the green jobs of tomorrow, today.  The impacts of environmental degradation and mismanagement hit our most vulnerable the hardest, that is why as your council member, Karla will fight to:

  • Address mold, lead, and other health-harming environmental issues in our homes, schools, and other buildings
  • Implement an economically vibrant, sustainable and comprehensive Green New Deal policy for Philly and pressure state and federal officials to pass their versions
  • Repair and upgrade public transportation and other infrastructure 
  • Stop pollutant-heavy industries from moving into our communities
  • Build businesses that put people and planet before profit and destruction

It’s not enough to conduct business as usual, which is why Karla is rolling up her sleeves to champion a new way forward towards a more prosperous, greener future.