Karla knows a quality education is the central pillar of success. A high-quality education means our kids will have the tools necessary to navigate, compete, and succeed out in the world. As a former teacher, Karla has experienced how Philadelphia’s lack of support for our schools is failing our youth. Unsafe schools, outdated curricula, and a lack of technology are not preparing our students for the modern economy. That is why Karla’s placing a high priority on fundamentally improving Philadelphia’s schools, and will support plans to:

  • End the 10-year tax abatement
  • Grow new industries like legal marijuana, tech, and green jobs and invest  new tax revenue  towards education
  • Increase accountability via an elected school board
  • Support limits to new charters which serve a specialized educational purpose
  • Reform school disciplinary policies and end the school-to-prison pipeline

As a former teacher and mentor, Karla wants every child to succeed, regardless of their zip code. Investing in schools now means a better Philadelphia tomorrow.