It’s time for sensible criminal justice reform and a city council that supports it. Karla believes we need to invest in people’s lives. Incarceration is a form of family separation and destroys communities by  removing individuals from their support systems.  The system also fails to reintegrate those who have a criminal record making life after incarceration nearly impossible. If crime is a societal harm, so are our current solutions. 

It’s time to move to a restorative rather than punitive model of criminal justice. Creating reconciliation courts, taking a harm reduction approach to substance use, and providing increased resources to support community-based preventative programs  can save millions in taxpayer dollars and treat all individuals who have encountered our flawed criminal justice system with dignity. Karla will support efforts to:

  • End mass incarceration
  • Legalize recreational marijuana and clean the slate for those convicted of non-violent offenses and/or  have gone more than 10 years without arrest
  • Eliminate laws and policies that criminalize and discriminate based on race, mental illness, substance use disorder, or childhood trauma. 
  • Encourage and train communities to develop “neighborhood watch” programs that use arrests as a last resort, not a first step
  • Revamp police practices so that police officers become peace officers with real accountability to civilians 

Ending mass incarceration means finally closing the book on modern-day Jim Crow policies that target people of color and in particular demonize Black men. As a council member, Karla will work hard for criminal justice reform so Philadelphia can truly become a city of brotherly love and sisterly affection.