The citizens of Philadelphia are being ignored and we are  excluded in the process and discussion about how to improve our quality of life.  That’s why Karla believes transparency is an essential element of  a truly democratically run government, and will be the leader we need on City Council that asks the important questions, challenges rhetoric publicly, and ensures we are spending our tax dollars to the benefit of all. Citizens deserve to know the truth and be a part of the solution that’s why Karla is committed to making transparency her number one priority by:

  • Exposing the true intent behind government actions
  • Ensuring all meetings are archived and available to the public online
  • Holding neighborhood based meetings regarding all major legislation to gather community input and solutions
  • Empower the public to hold their elected officials accountable through education and dialogue
  • Creating accountability by increasing access to information


With increased education, oversight and transparency we can return power back to the people and pass legislation that puts everyday Philadelphians first. It’s time we end the false narratives which distract and maintain injustices in this city and create a Philadelphia that truly belongs to all its brothers and sisters. 


In order to effect real change, one must get to the root of an issue rather than simply dealing with symptoms.  It’s like trying to cure a disease by taking pain medication.

Issues which often concern us are lack of or poor quality housing, joblessness, not having a livable wage, crime, unhealthy environment, poor quality of education and general quality of life.  When one looks at the root causes of these, there tends to be common factors.  I want to work with the community to come up with solutions that address the root causes not just the symptoms.

I would like to raise the quality of life over all for everyone. These topics help you to understand how I would engage these issues.