seeker of excellence, truth & justice for all



  • Proud West Philly Native
  • Attorney
  • Educator
  • Mentor
  • Community Servant
  • Graduate of Heston, Beeber and Girls’ High
  • Degrees from Drexel University & St. Joseph’s University and Thomas Kline School of Law at Drexel
  • Lived in Japan & Italy
  • Social Entrepreneur 
  • Charter School Board Member


Working to empower those disenfranchised by the current system in order to change it. Advocate for justice not simply the win.


 Math teacher in Philadelphia, English Conversation teacher in Japan, GED instructor to immigrants in Delco; post-secondary adjunct in math and government and community legal education provider



Believer in human centered capitalism. Founded a for-profit law firm with a social mission, intending to challenge our assumptions that for-profits cannot be mission centric and that doing good is only the responsibility of non-profits.


Believer in human centered capitalism.

Mentor, Charter School Board Member, Community Legal Educator, Speaker





A teacher at heart and an attorney by choice, Karla promotes truth, dignity and justice. Her legal firm titled, Legal Empowerment Group, speaks to the core of her existence. With purpose and intent, Karla is resolved to serve by informing individuals of their dignity. In other words, she intentionally works herself out of a job as an attorney. As a walking balancing scale, Karla uses her eyesight, insight, hindsight, and foresight to make sound judgments that foster justice for the people she serves.  Likewise, the constituents of the 4th District can trust that they will have the same type of infusion of power, transfer of knowledge, servant leadership, and sighted justice with Karla as Councilwoman.



Karla’s path has always been about seeking truth and solutions.  Revealing truth in our humanity and helping others to recognize their connectedness.  This campaign is a vehicle to do that for countless others in her community that will be comprehensive, inclusive, and results driven.  Karla is a servant at her core, not a politician.  Her integrity has been and continues to be what will push us forward to our best selves – one that is motivated by the people of this community; and providing dignity to their daily lives.  Her true north will inform decisions that raise the standards in our neighborhoods, community, and city. Karla is a person of her word – determined, solutions driven, and true. 



Vincit Qui Se Vincit.  Loosely translated from Latin, it means “She who conquers herself, conquers all”.  It is the motto and foundation of all Girls’ High girls. Truth.  It really is what sets Karla apart.  She genuinely seeks it.  Not just to know facts.   You realize that right away.  But it goes deeper than the pursuit of knowledge.  Knowledge is good for self but truth allows you to affect others.  And THAT is Karla.  She seeks truth so that everyone can know…more, better…  And when you know better, you do better.  Her truth seeking is not self-serving.  In fact, she is the most non self-serving person I know.  She didn’t become an attorney to make a bunch of money.  She became an attorney so she could share the truth about the justice system so people could know better and live better. Even as an attorney, she worked in an Apple store.  Why?  Because she could solve problems for people and teach them!  This is not what she is, it is who she is.



If you’re looking for someone who will put self-interest aside in favor of causes that matter, that comes naturally to Karla as she has made doing so her life’s habit. Karla’s mind never stops; she is constantly striving to be and do better. She holds herself to the highest of standards, and expects the same of those around her. She is selfless, trustworthy, and always willing to put herself whole heartedly into her work. Alone, Karla has done awe-inspiring, life-changing things for individuals including as a teacher and attorney. On City Council, Karla will jump at the opportunity to change the lives of many for the better!