this the Official website for Karla L. Cruel, Esq.,The Independent candidate for city council district four



Karla Cruel seeks to inspire citizens to embrace their power as a part of democracy and lead this city into a new era where elected officials work to serve the best interest of all of their constituents rather than the insiders. 

District Four does not need a hero; it needs a leader who partners with its residents and represents their interests.

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Friends of Karla Cruel

3320 Smedley Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19140


Philadelphia needs someone who loves and speaks the TRUTH. For too long there has been little to no transparency. The interests of the few have been protected while being masked as the interests of the many.



Each of us is entitled to dignity. Each neighborhood is deserving of excellence. This requires compassion, hope, and community working together to make improvements – not just for ourselves -individually, but for us collectively. 



Logic helps us draw conclusions, predict outcomes and get results.  We elect our representatives hoping for results that are coherent and moral but that is not what we have experienced. Results that benefit us all will only happen when we value and prioritize integrity, compassion, cooperation and logic.